Super Scrumptious Salmon Sandwich

Salmon is excellent source of nutrition-complete with omegas-3 fatty acids for us, especially for many health ailments such as cardiac and diabetes.

To make sure you have a supply on hand to help maintain a frequent intake of oily fish.

I have always created a grocery shopping list over the week to make my shopping as easy and organized as possible. What I have decided to do lately and works very well is to add fish to my list. Purchasing one to two filets of salmon ahead of time can help make the best of my freezer.

Load up the…

Since the beginning of the COVID -19 pandemic, it has been a long road coming back. The stress of the unknown has affected our health tremendously. Many of us gained weight without realizing it.

To top it off, my annual physical visit to the doctor this year gave me a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. I was provided with instructions to lose 5% to 7% of my weight to help delay type 2 diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is indicated by an abnormal blood sugar test, but levels are not high enough for type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a warning for lifestyle changes to delay…

We have known Mr. and Mrs. Barney about three years now. They have been living in an old, neglected, and very tall California fan palm tree approximately 15 feet from our main house.

Our owls, like all old friends, are completely at home with our family, while enjoying a safe, pesticide free environment and living comfortably in the tree.

Perhaps this not your or my idea of comfortable residence but works for them — or at least they continue to return each season. …

This has been my skin routine since my early twenties and years later, I still have great skin.

  1. Water temperature and frequency:
  • Lukewarm water is what I always used to clean my face in the sink and when showering.
  • I try to avoid any hot water on my face and always rinse with cold water to close those pores.
  • I only wash my face twice per day (once in the morning to refresh and at night to remove makeup).

2. Soaps to clean my face:

  • Fragrance-free sensitive soap.
  • Fragrance-free oatmeal soap.

My freezer use to only contain ice cubes, a bag of mixed veggies, frozen pizza, and ice cream. In the last year I have been in the kitchen more, thus using my freezer more than ever.

Whether you are the only cook in the house or sharing the responsibility, everyone needs a break.

I put on my thinking cap and my freezer has become a lifesaver. It has been great having fresh food on hand.

I am ordering less take out, enjoying cooking more and eating healthier.

To start…
A magnetic grocery pad is kept on the fridge, easy to see and update. My new mind set includes food in larger quantities, taking advantage of fruit and veggies in season, and weekly sales.

Can’t seem to give up your favorite foods? Limited time? Searching for an entrée that is quick and easy, but still somewhat good for you? Feeling guilty about not eating fresh vegetables?

Now you can enjoy a delicious frozen pizza that has less fat and sodium content!

  1. Purchase your favorite frozen pepperoni or sausage pizza from a local grocery store.
    2. Keep pizza in freezer for later use.
    3. Preheat oven to desired temperature- (per box), before removing pizza from freezer. (Do not let frozen pizza thaw before placing in oven).
    4. Place pizza on sterile cutting board.
    5. Remove approximately half of the…


I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with a culinary arts degree. I cook from scratch; the results are delicious and healthy.

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